How to make Blow Torch Salmon Nigiri

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This video shows a step-by-step guide on how to make Blow Torch Salmon Nigiri, the Chino Latino way.


Serves 4

60gr salmon (15g x 4)

10ml soy

20ml mirin

120gr rice (30g x 4)

Sushi vinegar

90ml rice wine vinegar

20g salt

50g sugar

10ml sake

10g wasabi

1pc spring onion

5g salmon roe


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Cook the rice for 20 mins and then leave it off the heat covered for 20 min and transfer into hangiri or a wooden/plastic bowl to cool rice. Add vinegar, sugar and salt mixture to the rice and mix.

To prepare the salmon – take off the skin and slice into thin strips. Marinade for 4 hours in 1 part soy and 2 parts mirin.

Combine the rice and salmon – take out the rice and shape into an oblong – place the marinated salmon on top.

Blowtorch the salmon until slightly charred – add spring onion and salmon roe.


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